Yashma Gill opens up about her encounter with the police

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

26th Aug, 2020. 07:24 pm

In a series of tweets, The ‘Pyar Kay Sadqay’ star, Pakistani actress Yashma Gil discussed an unfortunate incident that occurred due to an encounter with the police.

The actress stressed in the beginning that she was not trying to generalize the entire police force but was addressing this specific issue so that the problematic individuals of the institution could be stopped.

“Disclaimer, I am not generalizing this experience on every policeman. I have had a lot of policemen to help me and my friends before. But this is something I wanted to share, as it needs to be talked about. So that those policemen who indulge in such acts, be stopped.” Gill said.

According to Gill, she and her friends were allegedly stopped by e police under the pretense of ‘women being prohibited to wander on the streets late at night, by law.’

“This one time I was taking a drop home by a FEMALE friend of mine literally 5 minutes away from her house. All of a sudden, we were stopped by the police and told that apparently some bill had been passed. That all females found doing awaragardi (wandering) late at night will be arrested,” she said.

Adding on she said, “We were then asked to step out of our car for checking. To this, we acted reluctant as we both were in our PJs without any chaddar to cover ourselves. We didn’t want to be standing out on the road that late at night with so many policemen surrounding us.”

Upon showing resistance the policemen in question threatened to handcuff them after which the actress and her friend locked the doors, closed the windows, and called their parents and other friends.

Gill and her friend were eventually let go of after another friend helped the two out. ” We were lucky enough to have another friend arrive, right before they had almost put us in their van. And as apparently the head amongst them at that time was of the same caste as my friend so they decided to let us go. I mean so much for what?” she said.

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