Iqra Aziz shares her experience of working with Noman Ijaz

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

18th Sep, 2020. 02:12 pm
Iqra Aziz working with Naumaan Ijaz

Television star Iqra Aziz shares her experience of working with veteran actor Noman Ijaz.

‘Suno Chanda’ actress took to Instagram and said that she is lucky enough to work with Noman.

She shared a photo and said, “I am very lucky to have the opportunity to work with you and enjoy your sarcasm. You’re a legend who has entertained us for more than 32 years now and still you don’t have that attitude.”

She added, “I’ve never been happier, thank for all the memories I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Chalty phirty school hain ap (You are walking institution)”.


Drama ‘Raib se’ starring Iqra Aziz and Noman Ijaz will be aired soon on a private TV channel.

[ermbedpost slug= “noman-ijazs-wife-came-forth-to-support-his-husband-after-viral-affair-statement/”]

Earlier, Noman faced controversy because of the comments he made.

Veteran actor Noman Ijaz has left Twitter ablaze after proudly admitting of having extramarital affairs and ‘cleverly’ hiding them from his wife.

During an interview on with Iffat Omar, the actor spoke about love and betrayal and confessed that his wife is oblivious about him cheating on her.

“I fall in love with those girls who are beautiful from inside and outside,” he says in the clip which brings storm on social media.

“I am such an intelligent man and actor that my wife never finds out about these things. Husbands of the women I date don’t find out either and the feelings between the women and I are mostly reciprocated,” he said.

However, Noman Ijaz faced heavy backlash from netizens over the contentious statement given by him, in light of him previous controversial remarks about the #MeToo movement.

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