Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik Slammed For Wishing Birthday To Eijaz Khan

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

30th Oct, 2020. 04:15 pm
Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik Slammed For Wishing Birthday To Ejaz Khan

The Bigg Boss 14 contestant Kavita is facing a huge backlash for celebrating Eijaz Khan’s birthday with her previously Instagram uploaded photograph.

Actor Kavita Kaushik a few days back fought with Eijaz Khan and opened up about it saying how they were not even friends in the first place and she doesn’t know Eijaz Khan beyond the boundaries of Bigg Boss 14. She also goes on saying that she never spent time with him.

Currently, the fans are slamming Kavita for her post from August which is making rounds on social media in which the pair look happy while posing and the caption reads, “Happy birthday dear monkey @eijazkhan.” To which the actor of Kkavyanjali replied, “Thank you meri dost. I love youuuuuuuuuuuu.”

The post facing criticism as both of them are usually seen frequently fighting with one another to an extent that Kavita also made a statement that she doesn’t know Ejaz khan outside the Bigg Boss and she just had few telephonic conversations with him. However, Mr. Khan responded gracefully to her and said, “I am sorry I considered you as a friend. It was my misunderstanding. I thought sharing sadness makes you friends but clearly, that is not the case.”

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