Fashion model Muhammad Abbas Jafri suspended from political party

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

03rd Oct, 2020. 03:52 pm
Muhammad Abbas Jafri

Sad news for fans as Model Muhammad Abbas Jafri, who was working as an elected member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has been given a show-cause notice.

According to details, model Abbas Jafri has been given the notice ‘against violation of the party discipline’. The party has suspended him until he makes a case for himself.

As per the notice, the LSA-winner was involved in an ‘unfortunate incident’ in Karachi’s Central District that concerned the ‘internal affairs of the party’.

The notice mentioned, “Taking the internal affairs of the party to the public has damaged the reputation of the party, which is a clear violation of the party constitution enshrined in Article XII.2 of the Constitution and Discipline under the head ‘Disciplinary Violations and Penalties Table’.”

“You are directed to submit a written explanation within the next three days as to why your case should not be referred to the regional Standing Committee on Accountability and Discipline for further appropriate constitutional action.”

In addition to this, the model has been restricted from “speaking or commenting on media (Electronic, Print, and Social) against party member and policy decision of the party.”

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