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Selena Gomez Letter To Sundar Pichai For Misleading Information

Amna Quddusi

29th Oct, 2020. 04:09 pm
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Gomez Sundar Pichai
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The pop singer Selena Gomez asked Sundar Pichai about the spread of misinformation through commercials for US presidential elections.

The 28-year old artists took to her Instagram and called out the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai and told to delete all the ads monetizing from the misleading information about the US elections.

The American singer and actress shared a screenshot of her message that reads, “Hi Sundar, “Although we have never met, I just learned that Google is making millions of dollars putting ads on websites that spread disinformation about our election.”

“I’m hoping you are also just finding this out too. Please shut this down immediately. The fate of our country depends on it.”


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