Ushna Shah opens up about her self, life & work

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

07th Oct, 2020. 07:27 pm
Ushna Shah interview

Having an opinion is the only wrongdoing of a woman who lives on their own terms and this woman will often be underestimated, disregarded, and more often the talk of the town when it comes to trials on social media and Ushna Shah is very well aware of the controversy works.

Her charm, brain, and potentials ultimately become disregarded when she falls prey in arguments on social media.

Ushna finally disclosed that a personal diet plan and three gym sessions a day the reasons for her being healthy. It also seemed that all this is because she is soon going to be seen on a big screen.

Upon asking about the role she said,

“I can’t disclose the title because it’s still in the works and I think our hero is in talks”.

“It is a crime drama and it is just the kind of role that I wanted to do for a while. My role is not that big but my character is the only female lead and she is actually really cool. What I can tell you is that I play a cricketer. It is a strong woman’s role, and though the film isn’t about cricket, it gives me the motivation that I am playing an athlete” she further added.

The dramas that have made her achieve milestones are Alif Allah Aur Insaan, Balaa, and of course her most talked-about project Bashar Momin. However, none of her dramas have revealed the true colors of her personality which is strong and confident.

While commenting on Bashar Momin she said,

“Bashar Momin was my breakout character and I am very thankful for it, the message that it gave out, especially to young girls, was that if you tolerate a man’s abuse, he will change. As a grown woman, I do not want to give that message now.”

Her latest statements exhibited how tired she is of inequality in the entertainment industry.

“I am the opinionated person who needs things to be done in a certain way and what I have noticed is that there is always a negative connotation attached to a woman’s behavior, whatever it may be,” she further said.

Her stance on the pay gap and gender disparity became evident when she said,

“If a female artist is demanding something or wants everything on time, they are considered bossy or shrill whereas if a hero or male artist shows such behavior, it’s not problematic. So sexism is definitely there.” Speaking of the gender disparity in pay scale. Our drama serials mostly revolve around a female character but male actors get paid more per day. If you compare contemporaries, then men make more money and that’s not fair. Women are usually driving the project, we have to come early, wear makeup and we have to shoot more scenes. We have to do a lot more work in this industry and the kind of things we deal with to get into it – it is definitely harder for us.”

“I see a lot of girls being exploited and it is not necessarily by the top-level people but the lower tier that these girls have to go through to get to the meetings and auditions,” she shook her head while sharing. “The kind of sexism we deal with … men like to pass comments that at some point were considered funny by our society. But it is not funny anymore. There is so much sexism that I don’t think that most men even realize that these things are inappropriate or that you are not supposed to comment on/about a woman like that” she added while talking about nepotism.

Ushna also highlighted the plight of the female actors by saying,

“If a female actor is retiring at the age of 34 but a hero is entering his ‘50s and he is paired up with a 22-year-old, then the career span of a heroine is automatically cut short,” she scoffs as she says. “On top of that, you have maintained a certain look and stay in shape; I am such a foodie, who has PCOS and who is pre-diabetic as well, I have to work so much harder to stay in shape. It is definitely tough, it is a tough field.”

Ushna Shah also portrayed her desire for experimenting with different roles.

“I would love to play somebody with multiple personality disorder; that is my dream role. If I get the chance to appear onscreen where I can portray different characters in one frame, the amount of homework and effort that role would require, that is something that I want to do. I need a challenge, she elaborated.


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