what will Saboor Aly do if she finds her boyfriend cheating?

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

05th Oct, 2020. 01:18 pm
Saboor Aly

Actress Saboor Aly has shared her views regarding relationships and cheating. 

‘Tum ho waja’ actress was asked in an interview on what she will do if she catch her boyfriend cheating.

In a recent interview with the popular reality show ‘voiceover man’, Saboor said she will forgive her boyfriend.

 “What is the girl’s fault? If your own boyfriend is not loyal. If he accepts his mistake that he was cheating then I will forgive. He will be on his way and I will be on my way.” 

In addition to this, the host also asked Saboor what aspect of her life she wants to undo. She replied that she does not want to undo anything, as she must have learned something from each aspect.

Watch the whole show below:


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