Why Farhan Saeed feels proud to be a Pakistani?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

27th Oct, 2020. 10:37 pm
Farhan Saeed patriot moment

Pakistani singer cum actor Farhan Saeed has revealed during an interview that he is a patriot and always feels proud to be a Pakistani.

Farhan Saeed started his career as the main vocalist of Pakistani pop band ‘Jal’. Later on, the group was divided due to a personal clash, and Saeed started to perform as a solo singer.

His songs Pi Jaun, Roiyan, Yeh Jo Halka Halka Suroori Hai, and many more are the most liked songs across the country.

After becoming a popular singer in the country, Saeed tried his luck in acting and became one of the finest actors of the industry in a short span of time.

His famous drama series include Udaari, Suno Chandaa (season 1 and 2), and Prem Gali.

Recently, the Pi Jaun singer revealed during an interview, how proud he felt to be called a Pakistani in India.

“I was always a teenager who wanted to go abroad and study, I wanted to run from Pakistan”

He went on to say,

“When I went to India for the first time, being a part of Jal Band, and I went on Mumbai’s stage and I heard ‘Please Welcome Pakistani Band Jal’, that Pakistani word, Pakistan never strike me that way before like it did that day.”

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