‘American Idol’ star Nikki McKibbin passes away

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

02nd Nov, 2020. 10:53 am
Nikki McKibbin

Popular American singer Nikki McKibbin has died on Saturday at the age of 42. She died after suffering from an aneurysm.

McKibbin gained recognition from American Idol‘s first season as one of the top three finalists back in 2002 alongside Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini. 

Her husband Craig Sadler wrote on Facebook, “The love of my life Nikki Sadler suffered an aneurysm on Wednesday.”

Sadler said about the ‘American Idol’ star, “She would already be gone, but she’s an organ donor and has been kept on life support to make that possible. That shouldn’t be a surprise to us. Even at the end, she is still giving,”

“She was so loved that I know thousands of you will be grieving with us,” he added.

“The current Covid situation won’t allow the huge service that she deserves, but I would like to offer you the opportunity to honor her. She will be taken to the OR at 3:00 am Central time to give her final gift that will save the lives of strangers.”

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