Mehwish Hayat bashes matchmakers over juicy headlines about her marriage

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

30th Nov, 2020. 12:08 am
Mehwish Hayat

After actress Mehwish Hayat’s hint over her marriage went viral all over social media, fans had speculated that who would be the lucky man Hayat would marry to.

An old video, which circulated online, showed that Mehwish Hayat is somehow interested in politician Bilawal Bhutto.

The interviewer questioned about her interests related to a men. She replied that she liked tall men. She also said that fair color does not mean anything to them.

In response, the host asked Hayat if she was talking about the one who had recently become a member of the Pakistani national assembly. Mehwish replied, “Are you talking about Bilawal?”

But, the host replied that she was not referring to Bilawal but, what if I talk to Bilawal about your marriage?

However, the Dil Lagi starlet’s reply had stolen the show as she did not object over such an offer. She later appreciated Bilawal.

But, social media never let go such of such things very easily. Soon after Mehwish Hayat’s video went viral, memes and trolling came to highlight for the actress.

The actress, however, clapped back at all the trolls and clarified about her statement regarding marriage.

Taking to Twitter, Hayat wrote, “Who I choose to marry is my personal decision & ppl will know when it happens! Take a chill pill guys & stop matchmaking! Let’s not take a throwaway line in a 2-year-old interview out of context & make unnecessarily juicy headlines. Aur b gham hain zamane mein Shadi k siwaa! LOL.”

She urged the people to stop circulating and gossiping about the interview which is two years old. She bashed the matchmakers that marrying someone will be only her decision and who she would choose to marry totally depends on her.

Hayat claps back at the netizens and social media users for spreading juicy headlines.

Have a look at Mehwish Hayat’s viral video:

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