most handsome actor in the industry talks about his depression

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

07th Nov, 2020. 08:21 pm

Emmad Irfani is among the most handsome actors our media industry has. He has been part of big projects and drama serials such as Cheekh and Jalan.

In a recent talk show, the actor spoke about his depression and how he overcame it. He shared how some bad teachers played an important role in his deteriorating mental health.

He always wanted to be a cricketer and a footballer but his teachers in Pindi made him realize that he is a loser and can’t achieve anything in life.

The successful actor shared that while he was headed to be a part of the Pakistan junior cricket team he got a stress fracture in his ankle. Due to this he had to leave cricket because physicians suggested 2 years bed rest for him.

This added to his low self-esteem and confidence and as a result, Emmad got demotivated.

“I couldn’t look people in the eye, I couldn’t speak loudly and clearly, I had a lisp also, I used to have speech impediment and for an actor, I over came all these thing” said Emmad Irfani.

He developed an inferiority complex as his siblings were good at studies and he wasn’t. This emotional disorder lead him towards developing sinus.

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