‘Wonder Woman 1984’ To Be Released On Christmas

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

19th Nov, 2020. 09:05 pm
'Wonder Woman 1984' To Be Released On Christmas

The film ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, which has been delayed several times this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, has been announced to be released on Christmas Eve next month.

Gal Gadot’s sci-fi superhero film was originally scheduled to be released in June this year but was postponed due to the Corona epidemic that spread around the world at the time.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ was later announced for release in August 2020, but in August, cinemas around the world, including the United States, were not opened despite the easing of the lockdown due to Coronavirus. Wonder Woman’s release was postponed until October.

But even in October, due to non-opening of cinemas all over the world, including the United States, the film company had announced that it would postpone its release for another two months, hinting that the film would probably be released in December.

And now the film’s production company Warner Bros. has confirmed that the film will be released next month on Christmas, including in cinemas and on the streaming website HBO Max.

Reuters quoted AT&A officials at Warner Bros. and Wonder Woman 1984 distributors as saying that the film would be released on December 16 next month.

The film will be shown in theatres around the world, including in the United States, where streaming website HBO Max will not be available.

Wonder Woman 1984 is initially expected to be released in Asian countries, including some European countries, on December 16, but the film will be released on December 25 on Christmas Eve at HBO Max, including the United States.

Like Wonder Woman 1984, many of this year’s films have been released online due to the closure of cinemas or their release has been postponed.

“Wonder Woman 1984” is a sequel to the 2017 film Wonder Woman, released three years ago, and the new film will also feature Israeli-American Jewish actress Gal Gadot as a superhero woman.

So far, two trailers have been released for director Patty Jenkinson’s film ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, in which while Gal Gadot is shown beating her rivals in action, she is shown in a romance.

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Trailers also feature 47-year-old actress Christine Wig as a supervillain who will be seen teasing the super lady hero in the film.

Although it is difficult to guess the story of the film from the trailer, it is estimated that this time the audience will not only see Gal Gadot in action but this time they will also be able to see her romancing like an ordinary woman.

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