John Legend achieves United Nations’ High Note Global Prize

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

11th Dec, 2020. 12:34 pm
John Legend

Singer-songwriter-activist John Legend has won the High Note Global Prize for social justice, presented by United Nations Human Rights, Partner of the High Note Global Initiative, and David Clark Cause, the organization announced.

The annual High Note Global Prize honors artists for their exceptional achievement using music and performances to promote social justice worldwide.

John Legend talked about his achievement. He said, “I am both proud and humbled to thank you for this honor. I believe in the power of music to inspire us, to connect our hearts, to give voice to feelings for which words alone won’t suffice, to wake us up out of complacency, to galvanize and fuel social movements. Artists have a rich tradition of activism. We have a unique opportunity to reach people where they are, beyond political divisions, borders, and silos. And it’s been my privilege to use my voice and my platform to advance the cause of equity and justice.”

Love Me Now singer continues, “As a citizen of the United States, and the world, I know that for far too long our most essential systems have served to perpetuate inequity and injustice. In order for us to create a just world, those systems need to change. When we founded #FREEAMERICA we became part of a community of leaders, advocates, and champions working to dismantle inequities in the American criminal justice system. We wanted to lift the voices of those who had been silenced. We wanted to envision a new way forward. With this award, we celebrate a multitude of advocates, generations of movement leaders who have put their shoulder to the wheel of progress. I don’t stand here absorbing these accolades for myself. I stand here grateful for their ideas and their energy and am honored that I can amplify their voices by using my platform. I accept this award with deep humility for the honor, a renewed commitment to the work, and abiding hope for a just future.”

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