Saba Qamar warns everyone not to challenge an Aries

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

17th Dec, 2020. 04:37 pm
Saba Qamar

One of Pakistan’s super talented actress Saba Qamar was born on April 5, making her star sign “Aries”.

The Bhaagi actress uploaded a new picture on her Instagram today (Thursday) and told everyone not to challenge an Aries ever.

Saba, giving the bossy expressions, looks diving in an all-black outfit paired with black long boots.

She captioned the picture as,

“Tell an Aries you can’t, they’ll look at you like, watch me.”

Earlier, the Digest Writer actress revealed that she does not want children. “When people around me discussed their future, no matter how different their plans might be from one another, they always had one thing in common; they saw themselves with a spouse and kids.”

She added that such future plans make me feel suffocated as I am against such typical commitments.

In a short time after completing her education, Qamar started to feel that the idea of having children doesn’t actually appeal to her.

“I realized the idea of having children didn’t really appeal to me. She said that having a husband and children is something every woman must do as this is the only concern in our society.”

“But as I grew up, I discovered other narratives of women who chose to not have children themselves because they too did not feel it was necessary. And that it was okay not to want children”, she added.

Pakistan, where childless couples are pitied, in such a matter the realization that you do not want children is scary, the actress explained.

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