Zara Noor Abbas Dons Animal Print With Panache

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

13th Dec, 2020. 12:53 am
Zara Noor Abbas Dons Animal Print With Panache

Animal prints especially leopard prints never go out of fashion, Zara Noor Abbas sported an amazing Leopard print dress in her recent photo which she posted on her Instagram account.

The adorable actress shared a photo and gave a caption, “Are prints still in fashion?”


Earlier, conversations about anxiety, depression, addiction and more have moved from the private to the public sphere. In recent times, many showbiz stars as well are now opening up about their anxieties and depressions they faced in their lives. After Yashma Gill now, Super Pakistani actress Zara Noor Abbas also speaks about mental illness and depression.

In one of her Instagram posts, Zara has disclosed that she was diagnosed with clinical depression during the coronavirus lockdown and doctors recommended her medicines and therapy.

Zara wrote, “revealed, lockdown gave me a lot of anxiety; it didn’t go very well. I have had severe anxiety issues for some time but I hadn’t addressed them. I thought it’s because of my hectic work routine that I feel stressed and tired.”




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