Ali Zafar announces Rap battle to provide platform for hip hop talent in Pakistan

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

06th Jan, 2021. 07:26 pm
ali zafar

Pakistan’s star singer and actor Ali Zafar has just announced rap battle following the rap competition he was originally hosting on his record page.

The Number of submissions exceeded to his expectations, the star singer will be shortlisting 30 competitors instead of three finalists, who would compete and be judged by critically much-admired rappers.

Taking his twitter, Ali Zafar uploaded a video saying,

“I had shared a video earlier announcing my #BhaeeHazirHai rap competition where I said we’d pick out three of the best rappers from the entries we receive. But you guys exceeded my expectations with your raps, lyrics and even videos. You also made things more difficult for me because we’ve received more than a thousand entries, so how can I just select three?”

He further added that hip hop talent in Pakistan deserved much due recognition:

“I thought, if I only select three, what about the several others who are just as deserving? So I came up with an idea, lets shortlist 30 candidates and start a rap battle. We will shortlist 30 candidates and I won’t do that. I want this to be a democratic process and I want you all to be satisfied with the selection,”

The panel of acclaimed rappers features Lazarus who is a Detroit-based American rapper and songwriter of Pakistani descent, Fakhar-e-Alam, who introduced bhangra rap in Pakistan, Entity Paradigm’s Ahmad Ali Butt and Young Stunners’ Talha Yunus.

Lazarus confirmed the same with a recent shoutout to Zafar in a tweet.

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