Bigg Boss Fame Actress Jayashree Ramaiah Commits Suicide

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

25th Jan, 2021. 07:44 pm
Bigg Boss Fame Actress Jayashree Ramaiah Commits Suicide

The incidents of suicide by Indian showbiz industry personalities and especially actors and actresses is increasing every year.

In the Indian showbiz industry, actors usually commit suicide after suffering from depression due to financial problems, but in some cases, actors end their lives despite not having financial difficulties.

Just as the suicide of actor Sushant Singh in June last year shook the Indian film industry, so has the suicide of Jayashree Ramaiah, a rising actress in the Kannada showbiz industry.

According to the Indian Express, the body of emerging actress Jayashree Ramaiah was found hanging from a noose at her residence in Bangalore.

Police in Bangalore, Karnataka, have confirmed that Jayashree Ramaiah committed suicide by hanging from a noose.

India Today reported that according to the police, the actress committed suicide by hanging herself from a noose on the night between January 24 and 25, however, her body was recovered on the morning of January 25.

Police initially ruled out the possibility of the actress being killed and said the actress had been suffering from depression for several months.

Jayashree Ramaiah also appeared in web series including Kannada dramas and movies, she also participated in season three of Bigg Boss Kanda.

She had initially informed the fans about the depression during the lockdown during Corona last year and she had revealed on Facebook Live how upset she was.

Although the actress did not express financial difficulties at the time, she was upset at the unwarranted criticism and ridicule on social media.

Later, at the end of 2020, she once again spoke openly to her fans about depression during Facebook Live, saying that she was now suffering from financial difficulties and had not been able to find a job for a long time.

Speaking to fans, the actress said that she cannot fight depression and sometimes she has a strong desire to die.

The actress later deleted both Facebook videos and said that she would try to control her depression, but now the news of her suicide has made her fans cry.

The actress on July 22, 2020, shared a post on her Facebook account saying, “I quit. Goodbye to this f*****g world and depression.” However, she later deleted the post and shared a new update saying, “I’m Alright and safe!! Love you all.”

Before Jayashree Ramaiah, at least half of the personalities in the Indian showbiz industry committed suicide due to depression last year.

Among those who committed suicide last year were Shushant Singh Rajput, his female manager and other actors.

Emerging actor Akshat Atkarsh, 26, and his predecessor Tamil actress Sravani Kondapalli, 26, committed suicide in September last year after being sexually harassed.

Popular Bhojpuri film actress Anupama Patak, 40, also committed suicide on August 7 before Sravani Kondapalli.

Many actors, singers and fashionistas have committed suicide in India before.


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