Hareem Shah Exposes Mufti Qavi On BOL News Program Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

19th Jan, 2021. 11:40 pm
Hareem Shah Vs Mufti Qavi

The debate between famed TikTok star Hareem Shah and Mufti Abdul Qavi has taken a steamy turn as both of them defended their claims. 

The live interview was aired on BOL News Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga with Dr. Fizza Khan.

Hareem Shah:

While talking to the BOL News anchor, Hareem Shah said that she wanted to take revenge on the cleric as his vulgar talks were getting out of hand.

Hareem revealed that Mufti Qavi asked her to show him the car, on seeing that there is nobody in it, he started indecent conversation with her.

The TikTok star understood his intentions and kept on recording the whole conversation.

On the other hand, Hareem claimed that she took the cleric to a restaurant in Karachi, where he tried to harass her.

Hareem also claimed that she had not just slapped Qavi but also beat him with her sandals for his indecent acts.

Mufti Qavi:

Mufti Qavi on Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga bullish all the allegations and said that he did not do anything as Hareem said.

“I came to Karachi for a local news channel show. She is trying to trap me into all this. I stayed at my friend’s place and did not do anything vulgar with her,” said Qavi.

Mufti Qavi, somehow, fumbled on his own statement.


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