Here’s how netizen disapprovals helped Anne Hathaway grow

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

25th Jan, 2021. 11:47 am
Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway shed light on the hate she garnered from netizens and the audience at large after she played the role of a French prostitute, Fantine in Les Misérables.

The star got married to Adam Shulman before shooting for Les Misérables commenced.

The 38-year-old actress had to chop off her hair and lose a few unhealthy pounds of weight to personify the role of the character she was to play.

Some couldn’t help but pass comments on her ‘looking near to death’ as she restricted her diet to just a tiny bit of dried oatmeal. However, Anne did receive appreciation at award shows for her wins.

It was 9 years down the lane that she appreciated the criticism she received previously as it made her a stronger person.

She said, ‘I really don’t want to dredge up the past but I did have my monster out there, I did have the internet turn on me and hate me and it was like a whole big thing,’

She continued: ‘And it was a really good thing for me personally.’

Anne made a confession in an interview saying that her very first and much awaited Academy Award didn’t give her the happiness she thought she would receive.

‘You’re supposed to be happy. I didn’t feel that way,’ she added. ‘I felt wrong that I was standing there in a gown that cost more than some people are going to see in their lifetime, and winning an award for portraying pain that still felt very much a part of our collective experience as human beings.’

‘I tried to pretend that I was happy and I got called out on it, big time.’

The actress realized that one doesn’t actually die from the embarrassment they face. She managed to pull through owing to the support she received from her husband, and childhood and college friends. She considers them as her extended family.

‘My oldest friendships date back to when I was five,’ she said. ‘We all make a point to try and get together at least once or twice a year and we stay in each other’s lives.’

Her recent film ‘Locked Down’ released earlier this month starring Chiwetel Ejiofor. According to her it was a ‘completely wild’ experience shooting amid the ongoing pandemic.

Anne said ‘the sheer act of making it, of doing something so collaborative and audacious made us all very focused and open – and strangely free.’

She added, ‘Like the odds were so against us anyway that is made me want to lean into the exhilaration and take risks with my performance.’

The Oscar winning actress said, ‘It was scary taking my mask off every day, and so I really appreciated how committed the crew was to keeping their masks on – even when we were shooting in hot rooms and they were carrying heavy camera and lighting equipment they were always, always masked. Their professionalism helped keep me safe, and I was incredibly grateful to them.’

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