Kanye West still bent on running for president in 2024

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

21st Jan, 2021. 01:37 pm
Kanye West

Despite his campaigning efforts, American rapper Kanye West did not make it to the list and failed horribly during the US presidential elections which took place last year. However, this setback has certainly not discouraged him in trying to run the race again.

Fans were curious to find out how the artist felt about Donald Trump’s presidential term ending and US President Joe Biden taking office.

With the whole ongoing divorce process, Kanye is not concerned about the immense political shift at the White House as he already has quite a bit of mental health issues to deal with at first.

A source narrated, “Kanye is a bit in his own world right now and not paying much attention to Trump leaving and Biden becoming the President.”

The source added that Kanye will “stay out of it.”

“He is going to be non-existent when it comes to the next few days and all of that. He’s working and focusing on music right now, the politics and 2024 have plenty of time to show itself and when they do, everyone will know.”

His own plans to run for president in 2024 still remain intact.

“The next time Kanye would want to be in the White House is with him being the president himself. That is his mind frame right now when it comes to politics in the future. He still wants Kanye 2024 to happen and when we get closer, he will go for it full force,” the source additionally said.

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