WATCH: Hareem Shah exposes Mufti Qavi dancing with a girl inappropriately

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

30th Jan, 2021. 08:08 pm
Hareem Shah Mufti Qavi dance video

Social media sensation Hareem Shah, who had slapped Mufti Abdul Qavi over immoral and unethical comments, has leaked another inappropriate video of the religious scholar.

Taking to her Instagram, Hareem Shah posted a video of Mufti Qavi with a girl dancing inappropriately.

They both were spotted too close with each-other, the video showed.

Earlier, The controversial TikToker had has slapped the religious scholar over immoral and unethical comments.

Hareem Shah, however, shared that she went to visit Qavi with her friend. During their meeting, the religious leader passed inappropriate comments and was rude to them, said sources.

Sources further added that she said that she left his hotel room after slapping him. 

Soon after her video of slapping the cleric went viral on the internet, Hareem told Mr Qavi had been misbehaving with her since yesterday, using inappropriate language.

She had said that she had no regrets about hitting Abdul Qavi and that the public would decide for themselves whether he deserved it or not.

Mufti Abdul Qavi was also taken online to give his account, saying that he was hit out of the blue while drinking tea and that the two girls only came for one or two minutes, slapped him and left.

“A snake will remain a snake, no matter how much one tries to befriend it,” he said hitting out at the TikToker.

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