Why did Zayn Malik tweet this phone number?

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

13th Jan, 2021. 06:01 pm
Zayn Malik

Celebrities are all about keeping their personal life private, but singer and songwriter Zayn Malik is doing the opposite by surprising his huge fan base.

The former member of ‘One Direction’ sent social media into a frenzy when he dropped his phone number on Twitter, leaving fans shocked and excited.

Fans were also confused whether it indeed is Malik’s private number or a way to talk to him.

Sharing the phone number is a promotion strategy for Malik’s new album, ‘Nobody is Listening’.

Upon dialling the number, the caller would be able to listen to the Malik’s voice saying, “Yo, this is Zayn here. Album is dropping on January 15. Press any number from one through nine to get to meet me. Press it now.”

Dialling the designated extensions will give fans a snippet of Malik’s track list from the upcoming album:


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After the call, an automated text is also sent to the caller, “Yo, Zayn here! Tx for hitting my line. Give me your dates so we can stay in touch,” along with two links to pre-order ‘Nobody is Listening’ and another to save the number.


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