Azfar Rehman Clarifies He Wasn’t Sexually Harassed

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

26th Feb, 2021. 11:09 pm
Azfar Rehman Harassment

Pakistani actor Azfar Rehman has clarified the controversy that stirred up a storm on social media after he said that he was harassed by several females of the industry.

Speaking openly on the ‘Me Too’ campaign on a web show, ‘By the Way’, Azfar Rehman said that he fully supports the ‘Me Too’ campaign.

The actor said that in the past he was harassed by several female colleagues but he did not want to name them.

“Women are not always right and no one should ever be harassed,” he said.

However, to clarify his statement, Azfar took to his social media handle and shared a written post stating,

“In a 3-year-old interview, I briefly talked about harassment and not sexual harassment that I faced as a newcomer 15 years ago.”

The harassment I faced was all about power play, clanning, humiliation and bullying. It had absolutely no sexual (harassment) aspect. To be clear, I did not even use that term.”

“Our social platforms must understand and educate our people that harassment is not always sexual harassment, these are two totally separate things,” said the actor further, adding: “I have [the] utmost respect for women. At the same, I also believe that good and bad people are everywhere.”

“Apologies if I have hurt any sentiments.”

Azfar Rehman is a well known name in Pakistan’s TV industry. Apart from his intellect and beauty, Azfar is also known for his excellent acting skills.

Azfar Rehman started his career as a model, after which he stepped into the world of acting and proved his acting prowess in several drama series.

He also showed the true essence of his acting in the film ‘Chhalawa’ starring Mehwish Hayat.

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