BTS: Jungkook shares thoughtful voice message ahead of BE (Essential Edition)

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

12th Feb, 2021. 09:10 pm

There are just a few days left for the release of ‘BE (Essential Edition)’. Almost every day BTS members have been sharing new content since the month began. The ARMY room illustration was started with Suga, then other group members including the leader RM made some addition to it. Now, it is time for Jungkook to modify the ideas to the room.

Jungkook said in a voice message,

“Do you remember how ‘Jungkook’s room’ was filled with all kinds of speakers? I thought ARMY’s room definitely needs a set of speakers to give the best music we can. A speaker can fill the whole room with music. It can even amplify your emotions. Why don’t you listen to music with this kind of speaker and really get in touch with your emotions? A cheerful song can make you even happier, or when you are feeling down you can choose a bring the up-tempo song to send those blues away or maybe go for a darker and slower song to face those emotions head-on. What song is playing on these speakers in your imagination?”

He further added,

“When we have spent some much time in our rooms these days, things can start feeling boring and repetitive. So I thought I’d put a fishbowl in ARMY’s room. A spread of pebbles or a few strands of ocean plants can really change how a fishbowl feels. I thought you could have fun in your room decorating your fishbowl however you like it. I also brought a feisty little friend, quiet but always on the move. Think of this friend as to me. Talk, feed, care for and cherish this friend, who thrives on your love.”

Jungkook in the recent post added speakers and a fishbowl in the ARMY’s room as he wanted to add more positive energy and liveliness to it. Jungkook wants his ARMY to have a peaceful yet lively environment in their room so that they can enjoy music peacefully.

Earlier in November 2020 ahead of the ‘BE’ release, the septet had released fascinating photos highlighting their personalities through it.

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