BTS of BOL Beats is out and it’s better than Mix Tape, Coke Studio and other Indian music shows

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

04th Feb, 2021. 08:53 pm

The Behind the Scenes (BTS) of BOL Beats is out and it is better than Mix Tape, Coke Studio, and other Indian music shows.

The season is the 1st edition of the coveted show and is led by BOL Entertainment’s music producer team, which produced record-breaking songs such as BOL Kaffara and Rabbaway.

The show is going to start with a spiritual performance featuring Naeem Abbas Rufi. BOL Beats has tried a different thing.

The BTS from BOL Beats’s first track Shah-e-Madina recited in Naeem Abbas Rufi’s soulful voice makes the audience worth the wait.

The archetypes atmosphere of the studio through which the audience will feel a spiritual environment which is composed of three aspects: relations, values, and purpose of life.

Shah-e-Madina will make you feel closer to the Almighty Allah and His beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH). The soulful music with Rufi’s voice will soothe your soul.

Why BOL Beats Is Better Than Other Indian Musical Shows?

What makes BOL Beats better than Mix Tape, Coke Studio, and other Indian Musical shows is that the show will be promoting new talent along with veteran singers showcasing their talent to the world.

The tracks’ compositions will be original, not like Indian musical shows, which replicate Pakistani music every time in their songs.

BOL Beats will be giving a tough time to all the Indian musical shows and Indian singers by releasing original content with soulful tracks and mesmerizing music.


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