Ex-Wife Tells Shocking Facts About Nadia Khan’s Husband

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

12th Feb, 2021. 07:38 pm
Nadia Khan husband marriage

Nadia Khan has recently tied the knot with Faisal Rao. Everything was just going fine when out of nowhere, Rao’s ex-wife Lubna Farooq revealed the dark side of him.

Wing Commander Faisal Mumtaz Rao is a retired PAF officer and fighter pilot. Born in Lahore in 1970, Faisal joined Pakistan Air Force as a commissioned officer in the 90th GDP course back in 1991.

Earlier, Nadia had shared that it was her second marriage with Faisal, however, nothing about her husband was revealed apart from his family and professional life.

Recently, Rao’s ex-wife shared some shocking facts about him and told the people that,

Faisal is a cheater and he mentally tortured me and his first wife, I don’t want people to idealize him”

She further added,

“The marriage didn’t end up well due to Faisal’s extra-martial affair with Nadia Khan.”

Earlier, Nadia Khan uploaded a video of a detailed interview with her husband on her YouTube channel in which she told her fans some interesting things.

“We met four months ago and our mutual friends were behind it,” Nadia Khan said in the interview.

Faisal Mumtaz said their friends wanted them to get married and they did a lot of planning for it, in which they succeeded.

“My first meeting was at Nadia’s house and at first sight, Nadia ran away from me,” he said.

Nadia Khan’s husband said, “I wanted to contact Nadia again but I didn’t have the courage. Then one day all of a sudden I called Nadia around 11 pm and then we spoke for 9 hours.”

Faisal Mumtaz said, “It was then that I realized that I was in love with Nadia.”

“When I proposed to Nadia, she put two conditions in front of me that was perfectly legitimate,” he said, referring to the marriage proposal.

Mentioning these two conditions, Faisal Mumtaz said, “The first condition was that the consent of the children must be obtained for our marriage and the second condition is that the consent of the elders of our house is also required for the marriage.”

Nadia Khan’s husband said, “I agreed to these two conditions, and then after everyone agreed, we decided to get married.”

“Our children and the whole family are very happy with our decision to get married,” he added.

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