Has Samra Raza Mir found her second daughter-in-law for Adnan Mir?

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

24th Feb, 2021. 02:01 pm
Samra Raza Mir daughter-in-law

Samra Raza Mir, mother of the Ehd-e-Wafa actor, Ahad Raza Mir, picked a girl on social media for her younger son Adnan Raza Mir.

She had said in a post yesterday that she was looking for a daughter-in-law for her youngest son and also mentioned some features that the girl should have.

On Samra Raza Mir’s post, a user commented saying that it is an honor for her to have Samra Raza Mir as her mother-in-law.

Samra Raza Mir did not stay behind on Amal’s comment and replied saying, “is baat kay baad…actually I am.just calling your home,” adding a love struck emoji with her comment.

Samra Raza Mir shared a photo with her son Adnan Raza Mir on her social media, Instagram yesterday, and announced that she is looking for a suitable girl for her youngest son to get married to.

Referring to the characteristics of the new daughter-in-law, she said in a poetic manner, “Aik larki sidhi sadhi si ..soti ratoon main jagi si..Raat bhar uthnay aur khanay ka shoq ho ….Koi hai ??? ACCEPTING Applications…Last date March 15”

This post of Samra Raza Mir went viral but she soon deleted the post. It is speculated that she found the girl and then deleted this post from her Instagram account.

Mama Mir had posted photos of Adnan Raza Mir on her Instagram account, depicting her love for her ‘limited edition’ son.


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