How did Iqra Aziz lose her worth by marrying Yasir Hussain?

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

24th Feb, 2021. 02:25 pm
Iqra Aziz Yasir Hussain

A video clip of Pakistan’s leading actor and host Yasir Hussain is going viral and he is being criticized by internet users for it.

A short video clip from an interview with Yasir Hussain on Instagram is going viral in which he is present as a guest in a talk show and talks about his marriage.

Yasir Hussain said in the video that “he had invited very few guests to his wedding but some of the guests forcibly invited themselves.”

The host of the show asked Yasir Hussain who were the guests who came forcibly, to which Yasir Hussain mentioned the name of well-known actress and supermodel Nausheen Shah.

Yasir Hussain’s viral video is facing a lot of criticism by fans.

Internet users say that Yasir Hussain has insulted his sincerity by mentioning the actresses’ name on TV. Some Instagram users had to say that Yasir Hussain should not have mentioned Nausheen Shah’s name in public. She may feel embarrassed because of his rude gesture.

In other news, an Instagram user sharply criticized Yasir Hussain and said that “Iqra Aziz has also diminished her value by marrying Yasir Hussain.”


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