Nausheen Shah demands an apology from Yasir Hussain

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

26th Feb, 2021. 01:56 pm
Nausheen Shah apology

The position of the actress has come to the fore when Yasir Hussain called actress Nausheen Shah an ‘uninvited guest’ at his wedding.

Leading Pakistani actress Nausheen Shah has said that she is sorry for Yasir because there are definitely some serious mental problems with him. She additionally said, “I am also sorry for Iqra that she is his partner. Disappointed with Yasir’s words, I expect him to apologize.”

Talking to the media, Nausheen Shah said, ” I don’t even go to anyone’s house, how can I go to a wedding if I am not invited? The fool is known by his speech and the wise man by his silence. Yasir himself called me and invited me to the wedding.”

Earlier, fans were waiting for Nausheen Shah’s response regarding the issue, but instead of giving a clear answer, Nausheen Shah posted a picture with a short caption to her Instagram story.

The actress wrote in the caption, “When you are busy building an empire, you don’t pay attention to anyone’s stupid things, I am too busy to divert my attention.”

Recently actor and host Yasir Hussain had revealed in a private TV show that actress Nausheen Shah was the uninvited guest at his and actress Iqra Aziz’s wedding.


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