No one should harass anyone – regardless of gender: Noman Ijaz

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

15th Feb, 2021. 07:32 pm
Noman Ijaz

Acclaimed senior actor Noman Ijaz chose to remain silent over the severe backlashing due to his role in drama serial Dunk, which is based on a woman’s story who falsely accuses a professor of sexual harassment.

Noman Ijaz recently stated he would not like to comment on all the chatter regarding his ongoing drama.

The cast, including Ijaz has been overtly criticized since the drama went on air.

In a recent interview, the actor denounced the #MeToo movement, and now has said that he would like to keep mum on the controversy regarding Dunk.

“We [actors] don’t create controversies, they are created for personal interests. We are very simple people. What people don’t really understand is the context of a comment. But, I don’t mind. Say whatever you want to since I am not the one to give out clarifications,” Noman Ijaz said.

“When we accuse someone of a crime this grave, we often forget about the implications of it. We forget the impact it would have on the accused, his family,” he added.

The talented further added, “No one should harass anyone – regardless of gender. There should be proper laws in place, but who will decide whether the accusations are true or not? The show highlights if the #MeToo movement has been misused,” he added.

“We have black sheep in the society who manipulate such meaningful movements. In this country, there should be some punishment for people who falsely accuse anyone.”

Moreover, Dunk, since its release keeps on trending on Twitter. The cast includes Noman Ijaz, Sana Javed, Bilal Abbas and Yasra Rizvi in the leading roles.

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