‘Pawry Girl’ Dananeerr Channels Her Singing Skills, Fans Love It

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

16th Feb, 2021. 09:57 pm
'Pawry Girl' Dananeerr Channels Her Singing Skills, Fans Love It

Pawry Girl Dananeerr, who charmed everyone with her viral video, now showed off her singing skill on Instagram.

Dananeerr sang a famous song ‘Tera Mera Rishta’ by Pakistani singer Mustafa Zahid.

While posted the video of her singing talent, the Pawry girl wrote, ” A few seconds of me singing one of my most fav songs 🙊♥️ The immense love I have received over the past few days has really made me feel like we’re all a bigggg digital family! #pawrigang , maybe?”



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This month, on February 6, Dananeerr, who became popular by making a 5-second video and sharing it on social media during a tour of northern Pakistan with his friends, took advantage of his fame and started a new business.

Dananeerr shared a 5-second video on his Instagram on February 6 which says, it’s my car and, they are my friends and they are doing a party. The girl’s speaking style, fake English accent and tone were such that the video was funny to the users while it went viral in a few hours.

Many people including famous celebrities have so far recreated it with their friends by copying the Instagram video while adopting the accent like her.

With just 5 seconds of the video going viral, the star-studded Dananir now has over 600,000 followers on Instagram as she embarks on a new venture for fans, given the popularity of ‘Pawry’.

Taking advantage of the popularity of ‘Pawri Hori Hai’, Dananeerr not only created a separate Instagram page with the same name but also started selling T-shirts with the same slogan.

she has told fans that she has put up beautiful red and white T-shirts for sale with the slogan ‘Pawri Harai Hai‘.

Dananeerr also posted pre-booking of shirts on the official Instagram page of ‘Pawri Harai Hai’ and said that new shirts will be sent across the country.

She did not disclose the amount of the T-shirts but advised buyers to get other information, including the amount of the T-shirts, in private messages.



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