Video: Amna Ilyas shares important message about charity

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

05th Feb, 2021. 11:58 pm
Amna Ilyas new video

Nowadays, model turned actress Amna Ilyas has been making a lot of meaningful videos and sharing them on her social media handle.

The Baaji actress, as a contribution to society, is creating content to improve the way of people’s mindsets. This time, Amna released a video on charity.

Amna took to Instagram and wrote,

“They say do charity silently or else the charity is you. Remember, you’re doing it to fill someone else’s void, not yours!! The next time you give, the camera doesn’t need to follow.”

She went on to write,

“Sadqa aese do ke dayen hath se karo toh Bayen hath ko pata bhi na chaley”



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Netizens Reaction:

Amna’s fans and followers loved the video and agreed with what the actress has tried to convey.

One of the netizens wrote,

“I strongly agree to this but sometimes capturing photos only means to motivate others for such causes and most importantly if you are collectively doing on behalf of your friends and family although they have trust in you if they are giving you their donations for welfare causes but to keep them updated about what and how you are utilizing them. We take photos/videos with the permission and concern of the other person.”

Another one wrote,

“Sad but bitter truth of our society”

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