Atif Aslam Details About Losing His Child 30 Minutes Before Performing On Stage

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

17th Mar, 2021. 08:02 pm
Atif Aslam Sara Bharwana

Pakistan’s incredible singing star Atif Aslam, who had shed light on his struggles with depression and trauma, has detailed how he found out about losing his child just thirty minutes before performing on stage.

In a recent chat doing rounds all over social media, Atif Aslam details one of his helpless and devastating moments.

He told, “I lost my kid and I remember… Sarah was four to five months pregnant and I had to leave for a show. It was a show in Turkey and right before my performance, she called me and said the baby doesn’t have a heartbeat anymore.”

“So I was like go to the doctor, ask him what’s happening and how to go about it. She said we went to the doctor and he said we have to go for something else.”

He went on to add, “I literally had to go on stage in half an hour. I went on stage, performed for two and a half hours. There were people right in front of me, drinking, enjoying themselves… I could tell they were having a good time.”

“I came back to my room and it was 11:30 or 12 at night. This was Antalya. I asked my team to arrange a car for me. I wanted to go to Konya and visit Shams Tabraiz and Rumi’s shrine and I wanted to be alone,” added the Doori singer.

“I didn’t want anyone around me…. I told my friend i’m gonna go and he insisted saying ‘I want to go, I want be there with you’. And I remember he always wanted to go to the shrine. Call me selfish but I didn’t take him along and I left. It was a three or four and a half hour journey and I was only thinking how helpless we all are.”

Atif Aslam added more, “There was no one at the shrine. It was raining and I was by myself at a place where nobody would even recognize me. I wouldn’t ask ‘why did You do that’. I was not in that state. Just…how helpless we all are. We have control over nothing and yet, we fight over everything.”

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