Hania Aamir, ‘Pawri Girl’ Become Too Clingy In Recent Video

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

24th Mar, 2021. 12:51 am
Hania Aamir, 'Pawri Girl' Become Too Clingy In Recent Video

It seems that the Pawri fever is not going to end too soon as the 19-year-old Dananeer impelled to unparalleled popularity with a short clip of five-second that made the social media in frenzy.

Amidst various versions of the Pawri video, a song version of the video was released by the neighbouring country’s artist which broke the record.

After that, the Pawri girl has landed in the spotlight and her Instagram gained a million followers and photos of her socializing with celebrities.

Hania Amir has often seen showering love on Pawri girl Dananneer.

Hania and Dananneer have been in Karachi for quite a while now and spending a good quality time together at Shazia Wajahat and Wajaht Rauf’s place.

A viral video of dimple girl Hania and Pawri girl Dananeer has taken the round on the Internet where Pawri girl is sitting on the lap of Hania and is being fed by the Dilruba star’s while Dananneer pouts and eats.

The cute interplay has left fans gushing but few have criticized the girls and called them the cringe.

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