I was planning to become a professional cricketer, Atif Aslam

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

11th Mar, 2021. 12:34 pm
Atif Aslam

Renowned Pakistani artist Atif Aslam spoke about how he never anticipated being a singer as he was very athletic and wanted to be a professional cricketer instead.

Speaking in a talk show, the singer revealed, “I was planning to become a professional cricketer; I was an athlete.”

“I worked really hard at it but my parents took it as a hobby and didn’t know how good I was. That led to me giving up on cricket as I was skipping classes, catering to my interest in taking wickets.”

The ‘Doori’ singer disclosed that his talent came out when he wasn’t at a good point in life. It is then that he discovered his passion for music.

“I think I explored myself in that I did not have any sort of an outlet and was in dire need of one. I became quiet and lonely,” he said.

“About 23 years ago, my brother had introduced me to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. While I felt alone and at my worst, his music calmed me, brought me closer to God and when I started praying, I started getting the answers.

“During that time, I explored and found my own voice. I didn’t know that this would become my career. It all started when we were shifting, the house was empty as the night sky prevailed at almost six in the evening. I started singing, my voice echoed through the four walls and upon reaching the high-notes, I was scared of my own voice.”

The chart-topping singer launched his first single ‘Aadat’ with investing his own money into the production of the song.

“I recorded my first song Aadat out of my pocket money. It took me a few seconds to upload it on the internet, when there was nothing like WhatsApp. People started loving it and led to the making of a music video. The rise of my career began from that moment.”

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