Johnny Depp Calls Ex-Wife Amber Heard “Calculated Liar”

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

18th Mar, 2021. 10:58 pm
Johnny Depp Calls Ex-Wife Amber Heard "Calculated Liar"

Johnny Depp, a 57-year-old Hollywood actor has sought permission to appeal against his defeat in a London High Court libel case ruling which upheld that he was a wife-beater.

The Pirate of the Caribbean actor said his ex-wife Amber Heard’s claim about the divorce settlement that she had donated the money in charity was a “calculated lie”,

Johnny Depp lost the case against the British newspaper The Sun in November 2020 for publishing a fake article, but now he has decided to file a review petition against the decision in the case.

Johnny Depp filed a petition in the London High Court on March 18 seeking permission to review the case through lawyers.

According to reports, Johnny Depp’s lawyers have filed a petition in the London High Court seeking permission to reconsider their decision in November 2020.

Johnny Depp’s lawyers have stated in the petition that the judge’s decision in November 2020 was wrong and that the judge had failed to look into all aspects of the case and that he had given a unilateral decision.

The petition appealed to the court to allow Johnny Depp to reconsider.

After getting permission from the court, Johnny Depp’s lawyers will appeal for review, after which there will be a re-hearing of the losing case, however, it is too early to say whether the court will allow the actor to review.

The case was decided in November 2020, in which the court said it had found evidence that Johnny Depp had tortured his wife at least 14 times and that his ex-wife had been severely beaten three times. She was terrified.

The case was filed by Johnny Depp against the British newspaper The Sun in April 2018 when the newspaper published an article in which the actor was described as a “wife-beater”.

The actor had filed a claim for  $200,000 against the newspaper after the said article, claiming that the facts stated in the article published in the newspaper were false.

According to the article, Johnny Depp tortured his ex-wife, 34-year-old actress Amber Heard, 14 times on different occasions from 2013 to 2016 and threatened to rape her with non-men.

After several hearings in the case, in November 2020, the court ruled against the actor and in favour of the newspaper, saying that the evidence showed that the newspaper article was not false and that the actor had tortured his ex-wife.

However, the actor has now approached the court for permission to review the court’s decision and if he gets permission, he will file an application against the decision.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were married in 2015 and are 23 years apart.

The couple had been married for less than two years. Amber Heard divorced her husband in 2016 after accusing him of domestic violence and the two were divorced by mid-2017.

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