My Husband No Longer Cheats On Me, Now He’s “Changed”, says Faryal Makhdoom

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

28th Mar, 2021. 06:14 pm
Faryal Makhdoom Amir Khan

Canadian boxer Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom says that “my husband does not cheat on me anymore as he is a changed man now”.

Recently, Faryal Makhdoom said that that the couple has been through “hell and back” as she previously accused Amir Khan of cheating her nine times.

“Amir was so famous and so young when I first started dating him and married him, and now it’s like… he’s an old man!”

She added, “It changes with time,” agrees Amir. “When you have three kids, it changes your responsibilities. I’ve had that crazy life before, now I’m a changed man.”

Earlier, Makhdoom had said that she regrets getting married at the early age of 21.

The influencer had reflected on being too young back then and said she would’ve rather enjoyed her youth.

The New Yorker has three kids, Lamaisah aged 6, Alayna aged 2 and Muhammad Zaviyar aged 8 months. She said, “I’m blessed with three and that’s enough”.

When asked what she would like to change from her past, the media personality said, “I would change the age I got married. I was too young to have gone through the s**t I did. Lol”.

The second thing she said was, “I would’ve finished law school”, before adding: “Enjoy my youth a bit more because it never comes back.”

The couple had tied the knot in January 2012, exchanging rings in front of 1,000 of their nearest relatives at a grand engagement party. Their wedding was held in 2013 at New York’s five star – Waldorf Astoria hotel and it cost over £1 million.

The couple briefly split in 2017 over accusations of cheating but got back together shortly after 2 months.

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