Priyanka Chopra Draws Intense Flak For Sharing Her Dad Used To ‘Sing In Mosque’

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

20th Mar, 2021. 09:21 pm
Priyanka Chopra

Netizens and specially the followers of Islam are quite irked after Hollywood-Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has shared that her dad used to sing in a mosque.

In a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, Priyanka Chopra said that she is aware of all the religion in her country. “My dad used to sing in a mosque, I was aware of Islam,” the actress claimed.

However, the naysayers were quick to call her out for knowing nothing about the religion.

The Quantico starlet said, “I think I did. In India, it is hard not to. You’re right. With the swirling number of religions that we have, that live within the country as well. I grew up in a convent school. I was aware of Christianity. My dad used to sing in a mosque, I was aware of Islam. I grew up in a Hindu family, I was aware of that. Spirituality is such a large part of India that you really cannot ignore it.”

Soon after her claims about Islam broke the internet, many Muslims called out her on the misinformation and said she knew little about the religion.

Priyanka Chopra With Oprah Winfrey

Here Are The Reactions By Naysayers:

Earlier, Pakistani-American blogger Ayesha Malik had lambasted the United Nations goodwill ambassador Priyanka Chopra in which she described the importance of empowering women and educating girls.

Ayesha Malik tweeted that I totally agree with you, Now let them have a chance to say their thing without snatching a mic.

Prior, Ayesha Malik confronted Priyanka Chopra Jonas about allegedly encouraging India-Pakistan nuclear war at a beauty event in Los Angeles and labelled her a ‘hypocrite’.

She said she was “extremely disappointed” at the UN ambassador and global star’s response to her question.

On February 26, Chopra Jonas had tweeted ‘Jai Hind’, a slogan loosely translated as Hail India, with the hashtag #IndianArmy alluding to Indian fighter jets bombing militant training camp in Pakistan.

The tweet had evoked polarizing reactions with several calling out Chopra Jonas for encouraging the war.

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