Rosie Gabrielle pens a lengthy note on the idea of ‘perfect love’

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

10th Mar, 2021. 03:42 pm
Rosie Gabrielle

Rosie Gabrielle, the Canadian vlogger recently tied the knot with Pakistani traveler and vlogger, Adeel Amer. She revealed that she got married to the ‘perfect person’ who is also her ‘best friend’.

Sharing an adorable candid picture of the couple, Rosie wrote in the lengthy caption, “DOES PERFECT LOVE EXIST?”

“In life, people search for “perfect soulmate”. Their expectation for perfection ranges from looks, financial stability, to social/societal influence. They want that “perfect Hollywood romance” & happy ever after.

With this vision & expectation in ones mind of what perfection looks like, they miss out on the opportunity & moment right in front of them. Because they won’t be happy until they find x,y,z.”


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She further added “So when they meet someone, they will never be “good enough” there is always something you will want to change about that person because they don’t fit your mould. You will never be truly happy or satisfied & constantly looking for the day when they change.

But perfection doesn’t lie in these material superficial things. It doesn’t happen one day when things get “better”.

Perfection is in the NOW

It’s loving someone for all that they are, RIGHT NOW. It’s supporting them through the bad times and flowing with them through the good. It’s not wanting to change who they are, it’s recognizing WHO THEY ARE underneath it all. It’s being each other’s light when the path gets dark, and embracing each and every moment as it passes enjoying THAT MOMENT; without fear of the past or anxiety for the future, and not focusing on the “perfect selfie” to post. Because perfection isn’t the moment captured, it IS the moment.

It’s focusing on the connection between each soul and allowing that to be the essence that draws you near, which is the part you fall in love with over and over.

Challenges arise, people age, problems occur. So it you’re focused on the exterior and your idea of “perfect” your house of love will crumble. But if you build your structure with unconditional love, acceptance, knowing their value in your life and appreciating everything they are for WHO THEY TRULY ARE, nothing can break your foundation. As it is rooted through you to the core of the earth.

This is perfect LOVE.

I married my perfect person. My best friend.

We’ve had our challenges from the start, but everything was perfectly planned for our highest growth. Instead of falling, these tests strengthened our bond as we grew deeper in love”

The Canadian vlogger converted to Islam after visiting Pakistan in 2020. She tied the knot with Pakistani traveler Adeel Amer on 6th March, 2021.


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A post shared by Rosie Gabrielle (@rosiegabrielle)


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