What did Iqra Aziz’s mother label her?

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

19th Mar, 2021. 02:39 pm
Iqra Aziz's mother

A video of Pakistan’s leading actress Iqra Aziz is going viral on social media, in which her mother has declared her crazy for her habit of always making videos.

A short clip of Iqra Aziz is making rounds on Instagram in which her mother can also be seen.

In the video, Iqra Aziz’s mother has the same objection with her daughter that every mother seems to have about her children nowadays. Like all mothers, Iqra Aziz’s mother is also annoyed with her daughter for using her mobile phone indiscriminately.

In Iqra Aziz’s viral video, it can be seen that she is recording a video and turns the camera towards her mother, to which her mother says, ‘You keep making videos all the time, crazy girl.’

The video spread to various social media pages like wildfire. Iqra Aziz’s fans ridiculed her saying that it is a house-to-house story, and that this is the complaint of all parents towards their children.

Iqra Aziz had recently launched her own YouTube channel for v-logging.

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