What Is Mahira Khan’s Biggest Desire? Find Out!

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

30th Mar, 2021. 12:21 am
actress Mahira Khan

Everyone has different desires in their lives. Some desire to be rich, some desire to be popular, and so on. However, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has a very unique desire. 

During an interview, the Superstar actress revealed that her biggest desire is to have her own house. Well, listening to it from Mahira Khan, who is one of the leading actresses of the entertainment industry, shocked many people.

It should be noted here that the Humsafar actress lives with her parents along with her son Azlan.

“I have to build my own home as people laugh at me that Mahira Khan has not yet made her own home. I want to build my own home very soon InshaAllah”, she said emotionally.

Earlier, the Raees actress talked about motherhood, and how it has changed the actress.

“Azlan is everything for me. Azlan is a lot like me, but he is also a lot like his father and it’s amazing honestly speaking.”

“He’s so kind, sometimes I feel that he’s taking care of me but of course he’s my baby. Azlan is such a talented artist but I never show such things on social media because I want to protect what I can”, added Mahira.

Mahira further said that “It’s so interesting to see a human being grow. Being a mother definitely made me stronger. The minute Azlan was born something changed in me immediately.”

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