Why did Nida Yasir slap actor Adnan Tipu 21 times?

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

18th Mar, 2021. 11:09 am
Nida Yasir Adnan Tipu

Pakistani drama industry comedian Adnan Shah Tipu revealed that he was slapped 21 times by well-known actress and television host, Nida Yasir.

Actor Adnan Tipu recently appeared as a guest on a web show where he disclosed the interesting events that took place during his 23-year career.

Adnan Tipu said he was slapped with Nida Yasir’s heavy hand 21 times in order to shoot a scene on a set.

“I was completely stunned when I was slapped 21 times by Nida Yasir’s heavy hand,” the actor said.

After hearing this interesting story of Adnan Tipu’s acting career, the host asked, “If Nida Yasir does this with her husband Yasir Nawaz, what will happen to her?” Adnan Tipu replied saying that Nida treats her husband with love.

Adnan Tipu had also revealed during the web show that he had been selected in the army before the showbiz but had fled from there.

The comedian said that he passed the test and was almost selected in the army but ran away and joined the fugitives.

The actor said his elder brother was performing his duties as a Major in the Pakistan Army and seeing him he thought that he too would lead an easy life in the Army but it did not happen.


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