Why do Minal Khan and Saboor Aly play negative roles?

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

16th Mar, 2021. 04:24 pm
Minal Khan Saboor Aly

Leading actors of the Pakistani drama industry, Minal Khan and Saboor Aly, say they play negative roles in dramas too keep society aware and also to protect them from the evil which surrounds them.

Actresses Saboor Aly and Minal Khan can be seen together as guests on a show in the short video that went viral on Instagram.

Before the set of the show could be ready, the host asks these two beautiful actresses off camera, “People want to know from both of you what has happened to the two of you. Why are you playing such negative roles in dramas?”

In response to the question, Saboor Aly says that she depicts how the society really is by playing negative roles.

Minal Khan said that she had recently played the first of its kind and perhaps the last negative role on the screen, and if ever there is an offer of a good negative role, she would definitely do it.

Saboor Aly, meanwhile, continued the conversation by saying that she wanted to create awareness amongst the audience to avoid negative people by playing a negative role. She plays negative roles because the public is clever and smart. People must recognize and protect themselves from them.

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