Celal Al sends his greetings to Imran Abbas all the way from Africa

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

27th Apr, 2021. 06:44 pm
Celal Al Africa

Celal Al aka Abdul Rehman Alp, a Turkish actor who is currently in Tanzania, has sent his greetings and love to Pakistani actor Imran Abbas via a video with the kids of Africa.

Turkish actor Celal AL, who played the role of Abdul Rehman Alp in the Turkish series “Dirilis: Ertugrul” based on Islamic history, sent out a message to Imran Abbas, sending his greetings.

Supermodel and actor Imran Abbas and Celal AL, who are considered to be the most beautiful and influential men in Asian countries, have become very close friends, the evidence of which can be seen in the photos and videos shared on their social media accounts.

Imran Abbas shared the video to his Instagram account in which Celal AL extends his greetings to Imran Abbas from Tanzania, an East African country. The Tanzanian children can also be seen with the Turkish actor who too chant slogans of Imran Abbas.

Sharing the video to his Instagram account, Imran Abbas expressed his love and wrote in the caption, “Thank you so much my brother @celalall and Yasin Mesgul for sending such an adorable message from Tanzania. I wish I was there with you guys but couldn’t fly because of CAA Pakistan’s restriction for flights from Africa. But nevertheless flying with you soon to another destination inshaAllah in a few days and we will go together to Africa again in coming days after this ban is over. ❤️❤️❤️Lots of love to Tanzania and Turkey .”

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