El Risitas, the Viral Laughing Meme Guy, Passed Away Aged 65

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

29th Apr, 2021. 06:43 pm
EL RISITAS Viral Meme Guy

A very popular viral man, who is the face behind the “Spanish Laughing Guy meme”, has passed away aged 65 due to an illness.

According to the details, Comedian Juan Joya Borja, commonly known as El Risitas, was fighting a battle by his illness since 2020.

Since the news of his demise broke out, much of the internet have come together to share condolences and fondly remember his rib-tickling memes.

In English, El Risitas means “the giggles,” and that’s a suitable nickname for Borja.

He rose to fame in 2015 all over social media after a Youtube video of him laughing during an interview spawned dozens of celebrated parody clips.

In 2005, El Risitas appeared in the film Torrente 3: El Protector, and was even in a Finnish commercial.


In 2007, he appeared on Jesús Quintero’s show Ratones Coloraos where he jocularly detailed a story from when he was a kitchen porter.

The video posted to YouTube in 2007 gained over a million views, but it took almost eight years to gain immense popularity and later it turned into a meme.

However, the video clip became viral as the ‘Spanish Guy Laughing’ Meme because of his iconic laugh.

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