Hina Altaf responds to Ali Gul Pir’s parody video of her

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

21st Apr, 2021. 12:21 pm
Hina Altaf Ali Gul Pir

Leading Pakistani actor, singer and comedian Ali Gul Pir has made a parody video of the famous actress Hina Altaf which has gone viral on the internet.

Ali Gul, full of artistic talents, makes exaggerated parody videos of famous personalities and brings them to extraordinary fame.

Recently, a parody of Hina Altaf has been made by Ali Gul Pir which is becoming very popular on the internet. This video made Hina Altaf laugh too as she posted videos of herself watching the parody to her Instagram story and wrote, “Hilarious

Anday wala burger”, adding laughing emojis with her message.

Ali Gul Pir made this parody based on an interview of Hina Altaf.

During the interview, Hina Altaf expressed her desire to eat and drink, saying that she likes foods like ‘Anday wala burger’ and halwa puri. The actress mentioned if someone eats her food without asking, she gets very infuriated.


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A post shared by Ali Gul Pir (@therealaligulpir)

Ali Gul Pir made a funny video of this interview in a traditional style, imitating Hina Altaf wearing a dupatta.

Hina Altaf’s parody video hit social media and has gone viral ever since. The video has made millions of internet users including Hina Altaf laugh.

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