Oscars 2021: Why There Is No Host This Year?

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25th Apr, 2021. 05:34 pm
Oscar 2021

There are only a few hours left for the cinema’s biggest award show Oscars 2021, and we can’t wait to see which stars will walk away with the evening’s most prestigious awards.

There will be no host for the ceremony. The Academy appears to have decided to continue the trend. Jimmy Kimmel, who hosted the Oscars in 2018, was the most recent host.

This year’s Oscars ceremony, which will air on April 25, will continue the tradition of not having a host for the third year in a row.

Co-producer of the award ceremony Vanity Fair, he said: “The most exciting thing about this show is that it is going to feel like a film, in the sense that, in the end, we hope it’ll feel like you watched a movie,”

Moreover, he said, “Everybody will be a character: Every nominee, every person that gives an award, will feel like characters in a film. And in the end, you’ll know who everybody was and what they wanted. You’ll have a connection to everyone in this show. What we want to do is have this three-hour movie in which some awards are given out.”

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