Ali Gul Pir Makes Kangana Ranaut Laugh; Find Out How?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

01st May, 2021. 10:30 pm

Pakistani singer, YouTuber, and funny content creator Ali Gul Pir has been making various parody videos these days.

He recreates the viral videos in a way nobody else can. This time, the Wadere Ka Beta singer made a parody video of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, and she simply loves it!

Recently, Kangana Ranaut called out ‘foreign daddies’ for portraying the ‘wrong image of India’ and how the international media is handling the coverage of the surge in Covid-19 cases in the country.

“India is shown as if its people have just evolved from monkeys to humans. They behave as if a few white people must come and make you their slaves, tell you what to do, how to behave, eat, tell you what a democracy is, whom to choose, you just don’t have the sense to do what is right. So we will tell you what to do,” she said in her video.


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After Ali Gul Pir shared his parody video on his social media handles, the Queen actress took out time from her busy schedule and exchanged comments with the content creator.

She credits Pakistani vlogger Ali Gul Pir for making her laugh with a parody of her video.

“At least you are funny and made me laugh”, wrote Kangana.

To which Pir replied,

“Well we might disagree on many things but at least we can laugh together”

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