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Ghana Ali shares a special message for married women

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

20th May, 2021. 03:49 pm
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Ghana Ali special message

Leading actress Ghana Ali, who recently tied the knot, has shared a meaningful message for married women on her social media account on Instagram.

Actress Ghana Ali shared Hazrat Ali’s famous quote on the social networking site which is a guide for married women.

To guide women, the saying goes, “A foolish woman enslaves her husband and lives as a slave’s wife, but a wise woman makes her husband king and lives as the king’s wife.”

Previously, when actress Ghana Ali shared photos with her husband Umair Gulzar on social media, netizens criticized her and her husband and he was called an ‘uncle’ by the users.

After this the actress expressed her anger at a user who was making fun of her husband’s appearance, requesting people to not say anything regarding her husband.

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