Imran Abbas Dedicates A Heartfelt Post To His Mommy On Mother’s Day

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

09th May, 2021. 03:05 pm
Imran Abbas Mother's Day

Pakistani showbiz’s charming actor Imran Abbas dedicates a heartfelt post to his mother as he shares, “Paradise lies under the feet of your mother.”

On the occasion of International Mother’s Day, the actor took to his Instagram and shared an adorable picture in which he is seen kissing her mother’s feet.

“Beshuk Jannat Maañ ke qadmon ke neechay hai”. I am nothing without you Maañ Ji, my “Jannat” ! May I always keep kissing your feet till I am alive.. Happy Mother’s Day to every mother around the world,” he captioned the post.

The post has garnered immense love within very less time as fans are just loving how Abbas expresses his love for his mom.

Mother’s Day – History

International Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1870 by human rights activist and poet Julia Ward in memory of her mother. Later, in 1907, a female teacher named Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in West Virginia.

Then after nine years, the then President of the United States Woodrow Wilson signed the order and declared the second Sunday of every May as a nationwide holiday in the country to celebrate it as Mother’s Day. Thus the power of love for a daughter’s mother proved itself at the national level and this day began to be celebrated every year. Over time, many countries imitated the United States and chose to celebrate the day as Mother’s Day, including Denmark, Turkey, Pakistan, Australia, and Belgium.

In Western society, people who live apart from their parents go to visit their mothers and give them presents. This Day is like a festival for those mothers who live in old age homes when their children offer them flowers in appreciation of their services. Now not only in Western but also in Eastern society, some children are not ready to take the responsibilities of their parents and send them to old age home and the parents’ thirsty eyes always gaze at the door to see their children.

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